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Pediatric Surgery Unit new videos

The Unit of Pediatric Surgery exerts its activity in complete treatment and assistance to the newborn, the child and adolescent suffering from relevant surgical pathology . The diseases treated concern: the chest, abdominal and genito-urinary. In this Unit we have developed some expertise in particular technologies and minimally invasive endoscopic procedures as …

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Inside the Minimally Invasive Paediatric Surgery center there is a Simulators room, where students and Master’s attendants can improve their videosurgery tecniques.

Here’s a couple of Video samples:

Video #1

Video #2

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3D Surgery

3D Surgery: operating theater as “Cinema”

(from “Il resto del Carlino, Quotidiano.net)

Bologna, 16th may 2012 – Three dimensions to change the world. About movies of course, but also about healthcare. It happened yesterday, atl policlinico Sant’Orsola-Malpighi, inside the Pediatric Surgery directed by Mario Lima. Surgeons, anesthesiologist and nurses with …

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Master 2013/14

Click here to see the PDF leaflet of the Master 2013-2014


Over the past years, minimally invasive surgery has been the primary challenge for the company’s creativity. This technique, which has been well received by the public, is essentially characterized by its use of extremely small (minimally invasive) approaches.

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