Pediatric Surgery Unit new videos

The Unit of Pediatric Surgery exerts its activity in
complete treatment and assistance to the newborn, the child and adolescent suffering from relevant surgical pathology .
The diseases treated concern: the chest, abdominal and genito-urinary.
In this Unit we have developed some expertise in particular technologies and minimally invasive endoscopic procedures as we own technologically advanced instrumentation that allows us to provide
performance excellence, similar to the Europeans most important Pediatric Surgery Centers .

Research, develop and training are keys to our success.

The assistance provided is the result not only of professional pediatric surgeon, who belong to the oldest and most prestigious school of Italy, and nurses, but also by working closely with pediatric specialist such as neonatology, oncohaematology, endocrinology, anesthesiology and resuscitation and pathophysiology of age prenatally.

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