The Children’s Hospital – mission


There are things which are right to know,
there are things which are right to do

When you came in our hospital’s department, our drawings on walls welcomed you, a confortable bed, hi tech healthcare equipment, qualified staff were ready just to give you psycological help and buoy you. Try to imagine the same hospital with same qualified staff but with a grey entrance, unconfortable bedding and old technical equipments. AMACI staff made all you can see including this webiste and brochures just because our hospital could be as close as possible to its guests, when public funds can’t be enough. We work as voulonteer close to medical staff in the legal form of ONLUS. But especially we work in accordance with whom can understand us: many helps came from people whom needed medical treatment first and then sensitized to this kind of things. We want an hospital as human as possible, we want that our patients feel like people inside a big growing community. In our department there are always voulonteer AMACI’s staff; you can ask them more about initiatives undertaken (with money or time by voulonteers).
Someone, without knowing you, already helped you. The best way to thank him is to help those who will need help after you.



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