logoOR1Over the past years, minimally invasive surgery has been the primary challenge for the company’s creativity. This technique, which has been well received by the public, is essentially characterized by its use of extremely small (minimally invasive) approaches.

The wound caused by opening an approach to the specific focal diseased site in minimally invasive surgery is very minor compared to open surgery. However, the endeavour to perform surgical procedures originally designed for open surgery under the conditions of a small endoscopic approach has made completely new demands on the instrument set used.

The video and audio-based endoscopic solutions that KARL STORZ has been able to offer to these challenges have once again proven that the Tuttlingen-based company is, as always, one of the decisive trendsetters in endoscopic achievement.


In the field of video technology, which is so important today, KARL STORZ continues to produce groundbreaking developments. The increasing complexity of interventions makes it necessary to allow simultaneous observation and documentation, which can only be realised by applying high-quality video technology to endoscopy. The introduction of the first endoscopic three-chip camera or the digital Image-Processing Module (IPM) were vital steps towards an image quality that meets the extreme requirements of medical diagnostics.

Info OR1Now KARL STORZ has introduced the Endovision TRICAM® 3D, a three-dimensional endoscopic video system that dispenses with the usual heavy headsets, thus permitting much more convenient access to 3D technology.

Another recent development is IMAGE1™, the digital camera platform with which the optical image is converted into digital signals immediately after the image chip. This means that a complete digital video chain can be created – from image acquisition through to image storage – which brings the benefit of uniform, uncompromised image quality and straightforward, convenient further processing.

Another key area of current development work is the complete OR solution, OR1™, a unique concept for the integration of various techniques in the operating room. At the heart of OR1™ is the concept of direct central control of all surgical and peripheral devices via touch-screen or speech-control from within the sterile area.

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