MASTER’S 2ND LEVEL IN PEDIATRIC UROLOGY: contemporary strategies from fetal life to adolescence 🗓

the lessons scheduled and didactic activities provided by the master are mainly delivered on line.

Theoretic is accompanied by practical activity at the U.O. Pediatric surgery of the S.Orsola-Malpighi hospital in Bologna. 

The release of the 60 university credits (CFU) is conditioned on passing the final exam and achievement of minimum percentage of attendance rate of 90%.

1st SESSION | 24-25 November 2020

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-Anatomy of the kidney and urinary tract
-Anomalies of number, shape and position of the kidney
-Embryology of the kidney and urinary tract
-Functional aspects of the upper and lower urinary tract
-Antenatal diagnosis of urinary malformations
-Imaging of the urinary system
-Personalized medicine in urinary tract malformations
-Acute and chronic renal failure
-Single congenital kidney
-Uremic-hemolytic syndrome

2nd SESSION | 25-26 January 2021

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-Horseshoe kidney surgical treatment: indications and techniques
-Multicystic kidney and kidney cysts
-Total and partial nephrectomy with a minimally invasive approach
-Peritoneal dialysis
-Wilms tumor and other kidney tumors
-Management of prenatal hydronephrosis
-Open pyeloplasty
-Laparoscopic pyeloplasty
-Video-assisted pyeloplasty (OTAP)
-Robot-assisted pyeloplasty

3rd SESSION | 19-20 April 2021

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-Double pyeloureteral district
-Stenosis and obstructions of the intermediate ureter
-Obstruction of the ureterovesical junction
-Management of vesicoureteral reflux: indications for conservative or surgical treatment
-Endoscopic treatment of ureteral bladder reflux
-Cohen ureterone cystostomy: technical details
-Laparoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux
-Pneumocystoscopic ureteral reimplantation
-Robot assisted vesicoureteral reimplantation
-Ural residues: diagnosis and treatment

4th SESSION | 7-8 June 2021

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-Bladder diverticula
-Exstrophy-epispady complex in male and female
-Extrophy of the cloaca
-Neurological bladder: functional aspects
-LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms)
-Night enuresis
-Surgical treatment of urinary incontinence
-Bladder enlargement
-Urinary outlets
-Bladder tumors
-Kidney transplant: indications and technical details
-Valves of the posterior urethra

5th SESSION | 13-14 September 2021

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-Urethral duplications: anatomical and functional aspects and surgical treatment
-Hypospadias: pathogenesis and surgical anatomy
-Distal hypospadias: surgical techniques
-Proximal hypospadias: surgical techniques
-Disorders of sexual development: pathogenesis, classification and management
-Müllerian residues
-Developmental anomalies of the uterovaginal canal
-Surgical treatment of the urogenital sinus
-Vaginal reconstruction

22-23 November 2021

Final exam and evaluation

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